Learning Contract

Subject Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  1. Engage with stakeholders to identify a problem or scope a defined problem.
  2. Apply design and systems thinking to respond to a defined or newly identified problem.
  3. Apply technical skills to develop, model and/or evaluate designs.
  4. Demonstrate effective collaboration and communication skills.
  5. Conduct critical self, peer, and group review and performance evaluation.









– Tutorial examples
– Ask peers for suggestions and feedback (SLO4)
– Ask facilitator for guidance and keep track of learning milestones (SLO5)

I will produce C++ programming in Platformio for the ESP8266 component and the MAX30102 heart rate sensor, and later for an ECG module and analogue to digital converter. I will also produce some level of Node.js programming for the back-end infrastructure (SLO3)

This objective will be achieved when I have a working code for my prototype

Hardware Design

– Seek peer and expert advice on how to begin hardware design (SLO4, 5)
– Tutorial examples

I will produce an IoT device on a perforated board with optimised components (SLO3)

This objective will be achieved when I produce a tangible device on a perforated board which is battery powered


– Participate in all teaching and learning activities
– Ask for peer and facilitator review of my decisions and progress (SLO4, 5)

I will produce a Proof of Concept prototype for my defined problem I would like to solve during the course of this summer studio (SLO2, 3)

– This objective will be achieved when I have produced a Proof of Concept prototype and understand this phase of the design process

IoT Back-End Framework

– Collaborate with peers (especially those with a software or data background) (SLO4)
– Ask peers to review and evaluate my work (SLO5)
– Follow online tutorials on how to install applications

As a team, we will develop an IoT back-end framework to support everyone’s personal IoT products (SLO3, 4)

This objective will be achieved when the team has:
– created a database using Influxdb
– defined an MQTT protocol
– utilised Grafana to visualize data from the database

Design Process

– Research current heart rate technologies to identify a clear problem to be solved (SLO1)
– Regularly record and reflect on the learning process (SLO 2, 5)

I will keep a blog-style record of all moments of learning at each step of the design process (SLO2)

This objective will be achieved when I have a thorough understanding of the design process and how it applies to product development

Website Portfolio

– WordPress tutorials
– Share website with peers and evaluate each other’s progress (SLO5)

I will produce a professional online portfolio demonstrating the design process from this studio (SLO2)

– The portfolio must provide evidence to demonstrate the development and achievement
of each of the SLOs
– Ensure it is suitable to send to potential employers