Weekly Progress

Final Thoughts

This summer studio has been extremely valuable for my development as a biomedical engineer, and has taught me a great amount from prototyping, to technical skills of programming and 3D printing design, to further developed my communication skills in team situations as well as presenting my project during the final summer studio showcase. I have … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Week 5: Mechanical Design

This week’s task was to design an enclosure for our device using Autodesk Fusion 360 to be 3D printed, as well as to ‘miniturise’ our breadboarded prototype onto perfboard to produce a tangible wireless device as a finalised prototype. planning At the start of this sprint, our facilitator ran through an introductory demonstration of Autodesk … Continue reading Week 5: Mechanical Design

Week 4: Deep Dive

Week 4 was everyone’s chance to chose their own topic to deep dive for this week’s sprint. Originally I wanted to deep dive into PCB design and potentially learn how to use PCB design software such as Altium. After some discussion with more experienced electrical/electronic students, I realised that it was not viable to pursue … Continue reading Week 4: Deep Dive

Week 2: IoT Infrastructure

Building an IoT Database as a Team After the first week’s introduction to the data acquisition part of IoT product development, it was then time to explore the other half of IoT – the data storage and the data visualisation. Previously, both of these were ‘taken care of’ by the Blynk app, but this week’s … Continue reading Week 2: IoT Infrastructure

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